ZeroHDTV Digital TV Antenna with Copper Coil and 15 Feet Extension Cable indoors or outdoors!

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Great News no more monthly cable bills! Enjoy FREE 1080p high definition digital TV channels for life with this amazing ZeroHDTV ANTENNA. You will receive around 75 to 125 channels depending on the area you reside. What channels will you receive? The basic local, news, some movie channels, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean channels. Depending on where you live you may receive even more channels! 

Easy to install in a few minutes, no power cord needed, and no extra tool needed! Comes with a Free 15 feet Extra Coaxial Cable, a Coupler, a Magnet Metal Plate to attach to a non-magnetic area.  Attach the antenna on any metal surface – or the metal disc we supplied and the wall, search all Air Antenna channels in your setup menu, and it will tell you how many channels you will be able to view! It’s that easy. 

No more cable boxes needed for every room, begin to save $40 to $120 a month just keep your internet service.  Use this digital antenna indoors and outdoors at home, RV, Boat, Camping, Tailgate Parties, your backyard to watch sports or anywhere you can plug in your TV. 

Powerful signal reception – 360 degrees coil design enables the antenna to search more channels.  Each channel will show how strong the signal is next to the channel number. Connect up to four TVs to your new ZeroHDTV Antenna with a splitter not included and enjoy the same sharp high definition viewing on each TV. 

100% no risk purchase - We offer a 90 days money back return guarantee and 24-month warranty replacing it for free if it has any problems! Simply contact us and we will instruct you how to proceed for a full refund or a replacement!



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